Since 2009

Established in 2009 to operate in the industrial contracting sector, Akon Group International Construction Inc. has successfully completed numerous prestigious projects of valuable employers in various geographies since its foundation. Starting with the manufacturing and assembly works of heavy industrial facilities such as petrochemical plants, refineries, ore-enrichment facilities, iron-steel, and cement factories, our company has expanded its activities to include water supply/treatment works and superstructure projects in the course of time.

In line with our principle of "Established to perform, not to win tenders", we have successfully completed all the projects we have undertaken since our establishment, focusing on quality, health, and safety with our employees, constantly evolving, working hard, and fulfilling our promises.

With the awareness that the greatest reward is to be entrusted with a second project by an client, we shape our activities primarily with customer satisfaction-oriented, corporate governance, and sustainability principles in international standards.


Our mission is to utilize our experience in the construction industry for unconditional customer satisfaction and highest quality, while respecting human health and environment at every stage of our operation.


Our vision is to successfully finish each Akon Grup Project with the power of our professional experience and commitment.


2009, Akon Group International Construction Inc. was founded
2009, First contract was signed.
2011, Establishment of the Saudi Arabia Company
2012, Entry into new markets Iraq and Morocco
2012, Establishment of the Russian Company
2017, Entry into a new sector ore enrichment
2018, Entry into a new sector Sea water treatment projects
2020, Establishment of the Germany Company
2022, First Investment Supra Energy Production Pyrolysis plant